Playing SimCity BuildIt like a Pro

SimCity BuildIt is a free building game that can be downloaded from Play store or App store for Android or Apple devices. In the game, the user will play the role of a mayor who takes care of his people who are commonly called as ‘the Sims’. The purpose of the game is to build a city which keeps the people living in it happy, providing all the essentials of life for their living. In case they are not happy with their habitation and environment, they will leave the city immediately. Similarly, if they find something that they do not like about the city, they will protest and complain and if they need any service, they will bring it to your notice and you can provide them their demands as soon as you can.

Three Important Zones

There are three zones that you should be aware of when you are playing SimCity BuildIt. They are the residential zone, the industrial zone and commercial zone. The residential zone is the place where the Sims live their lives. The commercial zone is where the Sims go out to shop and spend their free time. The industrial zone is where the factories which are used to manufacture the essentials are located. Parks are enjoyed by the Sims which is why if there are more parks in the residential area, the value of the place increases. Similarly, the residential area must also include the everyday essentials for the people of your city such as water facility, electricity, gas connection etc. Your city should also have hospitals, police station and airport that are meant to make living easier for the people.

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Currencies used

There are two types of currencies that are used in SimCity BuildIt, they are Simoleons and SimCash. Simoleons can be earned as you play the game. But in order to get SimCash, you need to buy it with real-world currency. It is also possible to buy Simoleons with SimCash. When you start playing the game, you will find a lot of Simoleons and will have plenty to spend. But as the game progresses, you will notice that the Simoleons will get difficult to find. In order to match your needs, you could also make use of simcity buildit hack and get access to any amount of Simoleons that you need to play the game.

Tax from the People

You will be able to earn coins which will be useful in purchasing things that you need. The residents of your building will also pay you a tax which they deem fit for the services that you provide them. Hence, if the facilities are good, your tax will also increase substantially. However, if you provide poor service, the Sims will not be happy and move away from your city. As more Sims move away, your town will be deserted and eventually die. But if you want your town to survive, you should pay more attention to the Sims and what they need in the town.

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